DAHAB / Egypt

last updated: 01.01.00



DAHAB is located at the Rea Sea/Egypt, 135 km south of Eilat/Israel and 90 km north of Sharm-El-Sheikh. It's a small bedouin village at the Gulf of Aqaba. On my way from the Sharm-El-Sheikh airport to Dahab I have seen nothing else but several small trees, some camels and scattered bedouin camps. The desert won't end at the horizon. It's a poor landscape that consits of golden sand and deep brown mountains.

Sailing Conditions:

There's something you won't have to care for: wind ! Because of pressure differences between the hot dessert and the sea, the wind is blowing at almost 300 days a year at 4 Bft. and above. In summer when temperature raises up to 40 degress this spot turns into a high wind area(7 bft+) with constant wind all day and night. In the morning the wind blows a little offshore but in the afternoon it turns to sideshore from the left.

Sailing Spots:

1. Located at the beach of the hotel "NOVOTEL Dahab" you will find a lagoon that's shallow enough to beach start your board.(Good place  for beginners). More advanced sailors can sail further out of the lagoon for bump-and-jump conditions and won't get into much trouble even in sick wind, because in the worst case, you'll be blown back to the beach.

2. At the opening of the lagoon you will find a spit of land. Behind that spit the wind blows a little stronger. There you might find some good air and small windwaves.

3. Further away from the spit you will find a small reef with a good swell (2-4 meters).

4. 3 Km away from Dahab you will find a small bedouin village called Asala. There you will find one of the best wave spots in Egypt, discovered from sailors of Israel. A reef is just offshore an gives good wave conditions. The wind blows sideshore from the left.


Where to stay:  


Location: Right on the beach and directly adjacent to Club Mistral‘s Helnan center. It is about 20 minutes on foot or 10 minutes by taxi to Masbat. 

The hotel has over 200 rooms, 2 large swimming-pools with sun loungers, main restaurant, Italian restaurant, seafood restaurant, poolside snackbar, disco and beach bar. There is also a tennis court and squash court. The hotel’s extensive private beach is directly in front of it. 

All rooms have a balcony, seaviews, bath/WC, phone, satellite TV, minibar, and air-conditioning.

Hotel Novotel Dahab:

The hotel stretches along a private beach of some 600 meters and offers 141 rooms, 2 restaurants, 3 bars. 
Swimming pool. Many sports activities. 
Live entertainment. Discotheque. 

Hotel Hilton

This delightful Bungalow complex has 163 units overlooking the Lagoon in Dhahab, surrounded by the stunning view of the Sinai mountains. The resort has a private sandy beach and gardens landscaped with large shallow salt water lakes of approximately 12,000 sq metres of surface. The Buildings are single storey with all rooms having a terrace/balcony. There is a large swimming pool and sun terrace overlooking the sea. 

Where to learn:  

There are two Club Mistral centers to choose from in Dahab, depending on your skills level. Club Mistral in the lagoon is right next to the newly built Dahab Hilton, by far the most beautiful hotel in Dahab. The other hotels in the lagoon are only a few minutes away on foot, too. The lagoon is a completely protected bay with flat water, and the wind blows cross-offshore. A first-rate location for beginners to intermediates, who will find ideal practicing conditions. Good surfers, too, will get their money’s worth, if they surf beyond the sandbank in the swell outside of the lagoon. The Club Mistral center at the Helnan Hotel is about 1 km outside the lagoon. Here, there is no protection from the wind, which blows sideshore on port, making beach starts very easy, even with the smallest waveboard, and exits unproblematical. A slight swell commences after about 500 m and after a further 500 - 1000 m, you reach the marvelous 2 – 4 m swell, where you can try out fantastic wave rides. You should only do so in the company of at least one other surfer and after consulting our on-site team.